adding space when text reach the bottom of the editor

In the editor, when you type text and you reach the bottom of the window, you end up writing all your following text at this position (at the bottom of the editor window). What is the preferred way to add a lot of space at the bottom, so you can continue writing in the vertical center of your screen?

I know about the typewriter scrolling mode, but it has some disadvantages. And of course, you can press Enter several times, but this is not ideal either.


Split the editor horizontally. The bottom editor can display anything that you like, so import a pretty landscape-oriented picture into your research folder and load that into the bottom editor for added esthetic inspiration; or do whatever you might like with that editor that you find more useful.

Well, I think you ruled out the only two natural options, being Typewriter scrolling the preferred one. :confused:

It will also be a bit better when we add the ability to set an editor margin for top/bottom and left/right, instead of using a universal margin as we currently do in the Editor settings tab. I believe that’s what you’re looking for, just some extra padding at the very bottom of the editor so that when you scroll to the bottom the text isn’t up close to the edge?

Typewriter scrolling will be receiving some improvements as well.

I’m used to the way it works in word processors, i.e, when you reach the bottom of the page, and continue typing, a new page is created, so you have again a lot of space under your text. Scrivener doesn’t work with pages, but adding a bulk of vertical space under your text, when you want to (by a keyboard short-cut, for example), will be very useful. Actually, Microsoft OneNote has similar feature - you can “insert” vertical space in your editing area.