Adding story year to chapter titles?


I’m a new Scrivener user, and currently writing historical fiction. I’ve been wondering is it possible to add story year to the chapter title? Kind of like this:

Chapter 1
Finding the Way
year 1345

At the moment I have added the year directly to the chapter title, like: Finding the Way - year 1345. But that doesn’t seem clear enough when you read the draft, it just works as my own personal notes. But I would like to make it clear to the reader, as my story is set in several years.

You might consider organizing into Parts, with the year replacing the part numbers. That would ease reader navigation.


  1. Finding the way
  2. Chapter
  3. Chapter


  1. Chapter
  2. Chapter

You could place your writer-specific date information in the first line of your synopsis.

Thank you, this might be a solution.:slight_smile: My project is anyway done with parts, though I recently gave up on using them in the compile, as I needed to rethink the plot layout.