Adding temporary citations without leaving Scrivener

I recently discovered that if I import all my psych journal pdfs into Scrivener and label them as Endnote temporary citations (copy Endnote highlighted reference then paste into PDF name field), I can then write my lab report and when I need an intext citation, simply drag the PDF journal I want to cite from the binder into my writing window. The temporary citation that results is also a scrivener link which is very handy for viewing the PDF again quickly. Later, when I export my final draft into Word, I can have Endnote scan these temporary citations and format the bibliography as usual. When using APA citation style, the Endnote scanning engine is smart enough to treat a series of adjacent, separately bracketed temporary citations as a multiple formatted citation within a single pair of brackets and re-arrange them into alphabetical order. I now have no need to switch between Scrivener and Endnote to retrieve temporary citation markers while I write. I love Scrivener! :smiley:
Note: the Endnote engine is not so smart if you scan a straight RTF. It only works properly if the RTF is first opened in Word and the bibliography is formatted from within it.

That sounds very, very smart!

How many pdfs are you talking about? I’m wondering if there’s any slowdown or other disadvantage to having enormous-sized Scrivener projects.


Robin - there should be no slowdown with enormous projects because Scrivener only ever opens the files used in any given session; it does not load everything within the project into memory.

Thanks for the tip, badge61 - that sounds like a great way of doing things and should be very useful to others.

All the best,

Yes, I can vouch that there’s no slowdown. My current essay project has 86 pdfs in it and Scrivener is still very responsive on a G4 ibook. It’s made the whole process much less confusing – keeping everything within Scrivener. And the fulltext PDF search is great. I plan to do next year’s 10,000 word thesis this way. Thanks Keith for such a fantastic writing tool.