Adding text effects in the synopsis

While setting up and outlining a new project, I used the corkboard view to jot notes on the index cards. It seemed a good idea to me to use coloured font or a highlighter to note places where I could add future upgrades. These same notes are of course in the Inspector synopsis.

It appears impossible to apply any effects to the text notes in either the index cards or the synopsis. I don’t recall ever trying this in Scrivener 1.9 so I don’t know whether this is an omission in RC7 or such text editing never existed.

I got around the problem by using keywords and in doing so, I had to consult the user manual in which I found several places where the manual text did not correspond with what I saw in RC7. Is there any special forum to report bugs in the manual?

never existed.

Synopses and titles are (and have always been) plain-text; they are used throughout the interface and in many ways which make the rich-text format impossible for these areas. For emphasizing words and such in these areas, asterisks or double asterisks, underscores, and all caps work well. Each document also has a “Notes” area in the inspector which is rich text, so that’s an ideal place for expanding on your synopsis and allows use of highlighting, colored text, etc. Keywords, labels, custom document icons, and other metadata may also help you mark up your project.

The manual available in the beta is a work in progress, being adapted from the Mac version and not always current with the latest changes in the beta. It will be updated and revised before the release, but until then it’s not necessarily going to fully reflect what’s in the beta (and the beta may not reflect what the manual says should happen). When we’re further along in this process we may start a thread specifically for catching needed edits to that; in the meanwhile, you’re welcome to create a new thread for something that you find, but I wouldn’t worry about spending a lot of time on it yet. We know it’s not all there. :wink:

Great - thanks Jennifer :slight_smile:

Emoji also work splendidly as attention-grabbing flags in a synopsis. (Unsupported in this forum, unfortunately!)
Rgds - Jerome