Adding Text Modes...?


I had a question concerning formatting. Is there a way to add a Text Mode beyond the four already listed (General, Screenplay, Stage Play (US) and Stage Play (UK))?

I have both scripted projects (comic book scripts) and fiction project (science fiction and fantasy). I like writing my scene notes single spaced, but the fiction is written in double space. The preference allow me to set the General Text to be one or the other, but I can find no easy way to switch it on command (other than to set it to single spacing and learn to hit the return key twice at the end of each line).

If there isn’t currently a way to create and add Text Modes, may I suggest adding it to a wish list for future development?


There is no way to add custom text modes, and you won’t be able to add any of your own text modes in the near future, either, I’m afraid.

However - in the next update you can customise the Screenplay mode and even give it a different name (e.g. “Comic Script”). You will be able to determine the spacing of the elements, their indents, and whether they should be emboldened, underlined and capitalised. This should do what you want. The update should be available in a couple of weeks or so.


Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the update.


Just wondering if there is a time frame for when the next update, with the customizable screenplay mode will be available.


It already is.

What Michael means is that a Beta version of Scrivener 1.1 is already available for download, from the Beta Testing forum. Although it’s a beta, it’s as stable as the 1.0 release, and well worth downloading if you think you’d get use out of it.

There will be a comic script template included in the final release of v1.1, by the way, based on my own comics template for Final Draft, and with which I’ve assisted Keith a little. So if you can bear to hold on until 1.1, it’ll be ready for you to use ‘out of the box’ as it were.

Yes… I just noticed I was using a beta. I think I am becoming too laconic. My previous forum posts in the last 24 hours (not just to this one) go:


“It already is.”

“Not in my experience”

“With respect, that’s bollocks”



Maybe I’m all written out :cry:

Clearly you’re just saving your energy for the real writing :wink: