Adding the cover image into a PDF or html file - compiling


I’m trying to compile my first e-book into several different formats, including a PDF version and a html file In those two I’d like to add in the cover image (front matter?) into the file.

I’ve tried to check the “Add front matter” box and chosen the folder where my cover image is located but it doesn’t show up in the file.

Any solutions would be of great help :slight_smile:


Hi Sofia,

Have a shufti at:

NIAD 2 (Novel in a Day) took place this October. From that thread you can download the Kindle, Mobi, PDF versions of the resulting creation, together with the .scriv project that Rog (screen name
Pigfender") used to bring it all together. You should be able to see how he handled cover image and table of contents.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for trying to help me but I really don’t understand what you mean…I’ve downloaded the Srivener version of this book (via your link) and when I try to compile that it looks just like my book - without the cover image…


The problem is that your cover image file is an image document, not a text document, and you can only compile text documents into a PDF file. Compile ignores other sorts of documents, since it is building a text file. The reason that the image is included for e-book formats is that it is set as the cover image via the “Cover” settings in Compile. The location of the image file is irrelevant here - in our templates, we place the cover image inside the front matter folder to keep things tidy, but you could move it out of there and it would still be included because it is set via the “Cover” settings.

To achieve what you want, you will need a different front matter folder for your PDF file. Create another folder in the “Front Matter” group and name it “PDF Front Matter” or whatever. Copy any front matter text files you want in there (you can use Documents > Duplicate if you want to use the same files used in other front matter). Then create a text file (and probably call it “Cover”) at the top of the “PDF Front Matter” folder. Drag your front matter image into this text file - into the text itself, that is, into the editor. Use page view to check the size of the image on the page (you can double-click on the image to resize it).

You then choose the “PDF Front Matter” folder as your front matter folder.

That’s all you need to do. In other words, for formats other than e-book formats, which, unlike the e-book format, have no concept of a dedicated image, you will need to create your own cover page by inserting the image into a text document. This is exactly how you would create a cover image in any other program you used to create a PDF file, essentially.

Hope that helps.

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