Adding the option to Include in Auto-correction in the contextual menu (right-click)

Dear Keith:

First of all, congratulations on the software you have created and on your business project. I have been following Scrivener with interest since its launch. I bought the first Mac version years ago and currently use version 3 for Windows. I find the software simply awesome, robust and very complete. There is only one thing that I would love to see streamlined and that is to speed up the process of including new rules for word substitution.

I am a bad typist and I make a lot of typing mistakes. Whenever I make a mistake I like to enter it in the Auto-correct function. That way I know that in the future that typo will correct itself. But it’s a long way to get to the substitution list and it interrupts the creative process. I sometimes try to keep the Options menu opened (because I know that it won’t be long until I make another mistake), but it is still distracting.

Currently when you right-click on a misspelled word you have three options: (a) correct it (if the correct word is in the vocabulary), (b) ignore the mistake, or (c) learn the new word. It would be wonderful to include an additional option, to automatically include the correct word in the substitution list. Microsoft Word includes a similar feature and I find it extremely useful. When working in Word I never correct words any more, I simply include them in the auto-correction list. It is fast and it doesn’t get in the way of writing.

I hope you find the proposal interesting and that you will incorporate it in future updates of Scrivener.

Best regards and congratulations again.

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That feature is already there:

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I second this! I would LOVE this added.

As I said, it’s already there.

Yes you did, but the picture you linked showed the option to copy a word - a completely different feature.

I was going to add a picture of how it looks in Open office but it won’t let me post it.

I too would very much want this added.
Very, very much.

Try this one (same dialog). You need to look at what’s in front of you, or Scrivener will eat your sack lunch (as we say in Texas).

I did see that option, even tried it out before I posted to make sure.

It is not the same.

The function you are speaking of is Auto complete whereas what we’re asking for is auto correction. Adding a misspelled word into auto complete merely makes Scrivener suggest the faulty spelling the next time you’re in the process of making it, useful if you wish to speed up your typos I suppose. Adding that same word into auto correction means the next time I make the error Scrivener has my back.

Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

Sorry I misunderstood, but that’s in the same context menu, but only for words not in the dictionary. Right-click on the misspelled word, and it’s right there:

I’m afraid it’s still not the same. I even went back up and made sure I understood OP corrrectly and we were both speaking of the same thing.

Let me try and explain.
One common mispelling for me is “hte” instead of “the”.

  • Ignore spelling makes Scrivener not highlight this word.
  • Learn spelling tells Scrivener this word is not wrong and it should add it to its list of suggestions
  • Auto correct fixes “hte” into “the”, or whatever other word I select for it, and keeps doing this the next time I make the same error.

Another wording for auto correct could be “always correct”

We do not want Scrivener to learn that our errors are correct, but a good way to tell it which errors it should fix as we write.

Hope this was better explained

Using Scrivener’s terminology, Auto Correct is called Substitutions, I think. This feature is found under File > Options > Corrections, and Edit Substitutions launches a panel where these can be added.

And what you’re asking for is an addition to the right-click menu to add items to the Substitutions panel?

Did I get all that right?

ETA: I reread the original post, and @guillermoglez does call it “substitution” and his request is that right-click have an option to " automatically include the correct word in the substitution list". So never mind, I believe the answer to my question was there all along in the OP. :smiley:


Precisely, I’m glad we got that sorted out :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I am looking for as well!!

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Hi BilboBaggins, sorry for intervening so late! I’ve been offline for a few days and am only reading the thread now. I was referring exactly to what you have explained so well. Hope to see it implemented in Scrivener soon. Regards.

Wow, I didn’t know this existed … and it doesn’t on the Mac, or at least, it doesn’t exist as a Scrivener feature. It’s in System Preferences, with a link to it from Scrivener Preferences.

No wonder we took so long to get around to what the OP actually wanted. (I was a bit dense!)