Adding Title Prefix changes spacing

I notice that if I add

Chapter <$t>:

to my otherwise blank Title Prefix for Level One folders, the spacing after the Title line changes. Is this working as designed?

Yes, because the title prefix can have different paragraph formatting. So, were you to enter a return character after the title prefix, it could have different paragraph spacing to the title. Because it stores its own paragraph spacing, though, when you turn it on, then its paragraph spacing will be used instead of that of the title if you have them set up to appear in the same paragraph - the paragraph will use the spacing of the first element in the paragraph (in this case, the title prefix, whereas before it was turned on it was using the formatting associated with the title).

I hope that makes sense. The upshot, though, is that if you turn on the title prefix, then you need to set up the paragraph formatting accordingly. It’s therefore generally easiest to set up the textual content - the title prefix and suchlike - before applying the formatting.

All the best,

Got it. Found the differences in Paragraph Settings and fixed them. Thanks.