Adding Title / wrong page number


one more problem.

  1. I have to export as rtf.
  2. I would like to add the title of the current chapter on every site in the header…how?
  3. I want to count pages with 1 at the first page containing text. ToC and so on have to be numberd in I, II, III but without changing the page numbers of the content…

Where <$title> is should be “1. Einleitung” for example…
And at the bottom there should be an “1”… but how? :smiley:

Sorry :wink:
forgot the picture :smiley:

Scrivener.pdf (41 KB)


You will need to use an external word processor for this sort of special layout. Page numbering in headers only supports Arabic numerals, and there is no way of printing the current chapter name because the headers have no idea of the textual content (<$title> cannot be used in headers or footers, as mentioned in the note under “Document Variables” in Help > Placeholder Tags List…, which is the best reference for tags). You need to use something like “sections” in MS Word to achieve this.

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