Adding to existing collections scrambles order

If you add a load of folders and documents to an existing, empty collection, the order is scrambled. The list can be reordered in the collection, but when compiled the order is scrambled again in the compile window.

If you add the same group of folders and documents to a brand new collection, the scrambling does not occur.

Repro steps:

  1. Set up a new collection

  2. Add some stuff to it

  3. Delete the stuff in it so you have an empty, but ‘used’ collection.

  4. Set up the following folder structure (F = Folder, D = Text Document)
    F Part 1 Chapters
    F Chapter 1
    F Another Folder
    D Text file
    F Chapter 2
    F Another Folder
    D Text file
    (repeat until you hit chapter 20)

  5. Multi-select all the 'another folder’s and all the text files but nothing else (40 files in total)

  6. Right click and do ‘Add to Collection’ and pick the collection you created in step 1

  7. Go into the collection and observe that the order is scrambled.

  8. If you empty the collection, delete it, then repeat the process but only create the collection during step 6 (when you’ve already right-clicked the files) the problem does not occur.

Hope that helps.