Adding URLs to research

Hi, I just read the entire tutorial and started a new document, and immediately hit a wall! How do I save a URL for research? Thanks! e

If you drag a URL into the binder (somewhere other than your Draft/Manuscript folder), it will create a web archive of the webpage. Depending on the page, it may look odd, but that’s up to Apple how it turns out.

If you want to add just the URL to a document, you can copy it into any editable document’s text area, or the Document Notes in the inspector, or even the Project Notes, depending on your preference.

In the inspector for any document in the binder, at the bottom, there is a key icon. Click it, then you’ll see a field with a + and a - button. Click the plus, and paste URL into that, if that’s where you want to store it.

Thanks Robert. That works, but it just turns the URL to text. How do I keep it as a clickable URL? (Especially if I wanted to create a document called “URL’s.”)

Actually it is the “Stack of Books” icon (References) that you want, in the inspector. The key icon is for keywords and you probably don’t want to make keywords for URLs. References come in two flavours: Project and Document. The former are accessible from anywhere in the project; the latter will only show up in that panel if you are looking at the document they are associated with. To load a Reference, double-click its icon. References are useful for much more than just URLs, too. They can store links to files on your disk, and even other items in your Scrivener project.

You can drag and drop URLs from your browser’s URL bar into the reference table. That’s the best way to store bookmarks. Dragging the URL into the binder itself will download and archive the page. That’s very useful for volatile information, or if your 'net connexion is not stable.

Thank you Robert! Again, very helpful. However, I’m not sure what you mean by “Reference Table.” I have the inspector open and the reference button on (stack of books). (I saved a URL under “Project References” in the column that came up.) However, the drag and drop thing you mentioned doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps I’m trying to drag to the wrong place? Is this Project References area not the “Reference Table”?

Table, as in, a stack of cells in columns and rows like a spreadsheet. You should be able to just drop URLs from your browser right in there. The HTML title of the page will be used for the Description and the column is self-explanatory. You’ll get a little Safari icon beside it (no matter what your preferred browser may be). Which browser are you using?

I’m on a Mac using Safari, and while I can plug in that information by hand, the drag and drop thing isn’t working for me. ???
Sorry for the newbie questions - I’m sure this will all become second nature in no time!

Are you dragging the icon from the URL bar in Safari, or just selecting the text and dragging that? You need to get the icon, because otherwise Safari won’t be sending the correct information to Scrivener and it doesn’t know what to do with it in this particular spot. It’s just plain-text when you drag the text itself. Make sure to drag the little site icon or generic globe icon to the left of the URL.

Ahhhhh! It works that way! :slight_smile: Thanks again, e

slaps fore-head Of course the key icon is for keywords. Sorry if that was confusing.

Also, thanks to Ioa for the clarification on what to drag to get a clickable link. I don’t think I knew that.

Ah yes - thanks to AmberV AND Robert! :slight_smile: e