Adding web page content to Scrivener


I am a new user to Scrivener. I will be using it on my Macbook (Mac OS X 10.6.7).

I created my first project from the “blank” project template, and I created a new folder within the research section to start placing information.

My question is this:

If I come across a web page that I consider to be highly relevant to my project, I would like to have the URL to the web page saved within my project, and I would also like the actual text that is on the web page to be placed within my project as well, so I can rather instantly view the content that was on the page directly within Scrivener. If the content changes on the actual page, I would want Scrivener to maintain the original information and not the updated information for referential integrity.

How would the URL to the web page get saved within the project, and where is it saved? Are there multiple ways to “remember” or “refer” to a URL within a project?

Is it possible to place the actual text from the web page into a project, and if so, how is this accomplished?

Thanks in advance…


Hello again,

Since my initial post, I have created a few folders within the research section.

When I right-click on the folder name, I noticed there’s an “Add…Web Page” option. I have used this option to add several web pages within each of these newly created folders.

QUESTION: Is the actual content from the web page being stored within the Scrivener project file, or is the Scrivener application retrieving the content from the Internet when I select the item from the binder?

I would like to have Scrivener save the actual content within the project file as sort of an “off-line” way of viewing the information.

Please advise on this as well as the other points from my initial post…


Add Web Page is exactly what you need, yes. And yes, it downloads and stores the web page inside the project exactly as it was when it was imported, so can be viewed offline. When you view the web page inside Scrivener, you will see the original URL in the footer bar at the bottom of the editor.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith… it does help very much.