Adding Your Own Text Tidying Feature

I recently decided I was tired of project searching and deleting end-of-paragraph spaces and since I can’t save a RegEx sequence I thought a good spot would be as an option under the Text Tidying command.

So that’s the request, a way to add my own options under Text Tidying, preferably by choosing a properly formatted RegEx command in the Find/Replace sections of various windows.

See the Text commands in BBEdit (macOS) for some additional text cleaning ideas.

thx // frank

“Remove Empty Lines Between Paragraphs” and “Replace Multiple Spaces With Space” don’t do the trick?


Just checked your suggestions @ kewms and neither do exactly what I want.

Replace Multiple Spaces only reduces the number of space characters to a single space character, no matter its location. So it won’t work when only a single space is pushed to the end of a para.

Remove Empty Lines has no effect on trailing spaces that I could see in my tests at all.

Sample: “What did he say?”…\n
Where the periods indicate space characters and the \n is a newline command (Regex).

Result desired: “What did he say?”\n

Hope this clarifies the issue.