Addition Labels & Status suggestion

I’ve seen where others would like to see customizable fields - the means to add more than just Labels and Status. Instead of allowing the user to create as many as they’d like, is there one or two other single fields?

If so, I’d like only one: Custom. This would allow the writer to add their own color coded items under it such as: Main Character, Secondary Character, Jack’s POV, Carol’s POV. Of course, the writer cold just as easily rename this field ‘Flying Monkeys’ or ‘Setting’, ‘POV’, etc.

So, my suggestion isn’t to add as many as one can stand, but to have three: Labels, Status, Custom. The writer can still customize the other two as well, but this just gives them than extra organization at a glance.

I know, why not five or ten. But three, plus the already added ability to highlight/color code, I think would be sufficient for most writers. At least me, LOL! Otherwise, I’d be messing with the procrastination of organization and NOT writing.

Hi, you do know that you can already change “Label” to “POV” and use it for characters, right?
All the best,


Yes, I figured that out today while procrastinating and not writing. I did read further down where someone wanted more labels I think. I just leave the labels and status fields named as they are and add things for characters, POVs and the like under Labels. But, it might be nice, I suppose, to be able to have two label fields for those writers who want to mark something as a scene, who’s POV AND 1st draft.

Or, they could highlight and use colors to indicate various POVs or draft version.

Thanks so much! Wine, eh? Sounds like a splendid idea. It’s 7:30pm EST time in the U.S., and dinner and dishes are done. A merlot sounds good.