Addition of PDF or PNG to documents

Dear Scrivener,

I would like to integrate/interleave pdf’s and png files into a long document consisting of different items. I understand that the pdf/png’s which are image files can only be stored in the research section and therefore not linked to the outline structure within the draft section. Ultimately I wish to compile the items (under the draft section) plus pdf’s, png’s into a single document is there any way currently to do this?.

Also can you export the outline structure with a simple copy command this would be v. useful?. Thanks for your assistance.


Hello Mikey,

It is not possible to compile the contents of PDF documents unless you convert them to a text format such as RTF first. You can compile png images by creating a scrivener document within the draft folder and then use the Edit > Insert > Image From File command [Ctrl+Shift+H]

Hope this helps.