Addition to Project Templates

The main things I write, outside of a novel that might never get finished, are tutorials and user manuals.

Something that I have found odd, every time I go to start a new project, is that while there is a great tutorial on using Scrivener, and a very in-depth user manual, neither of these are added as project template options. And so, I finally decided to come suggest that both layouts be added as template choices when you look through the non-fiction list. They really would be handy.

What sort of things did you have in mind for the tutorial? With that one it is quite simple, deliberately so. The compile settings are set to “original”, and most of the structure is bog standard because at this level of interaction we don’t want the experience to be too customised. So I’m not really sure what would go into the tutorial as a template. Are you meaning for these to be Scrivener tutorials by the way, in that they would be similar to our tutorial where people use them directly as projects? Otherwise, like I say they don’t even have compile settings because part of the tutorial is to set up and experiment with those settings from a basic level.

Now speaking for the manual, the project itself is available on our support page if you’re interested in seeing how it is put together. I’m not sure of how much use it would be to most people though, since it makes use of some arcane techniques like post-compile shell scripting, never mind a dependency upon a customised LaTeX environment. It’s all documented in the project—how to set this up, if you’re curious—but I think it would be a bit of a let down to most people who saw a “User Manual” template in the main chooser and then found it requires a 3gb typesetting environment to be downloaded that acts more like a programming language than “software”. :slight_smile: