Additional feature for collections

I just discovered collections and absolutely love them! A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of doing collections to make compiling for different retailers easier. So I have Book Title Amazon collection, Book Title B&N collection, etc. to make it faster to compile with custom front and back matter with retailer links.

However, this can quickly get overwhelming as I use one Scrivener project for each series that I write. My wish list item is to make it so that collections can be grouped together in folders or some heirarchy just to make navigation easier. That way I could have a folder for Book One and have all the different retailer versions in it and then a folder for Book Two. Then I could also branch out to use collections for more things because it’d be easier to find everything.

I looked around to see if this functionality already existed and couldn’t find it. If it does exist, please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

I also love the Collections functionality – it makes systematic keywording or categorical labeling all worthwhile.

One thing that might be useful for you (in the meantime while your wish is being granted – or not): it is easy to “customize” a smart collection on the fly. So, instead of multiplying collections, keep them “book neutral” and you can simply narrow their results on the fly.

When you click on a smart collection (aka saved search), the collection comes up in the binder, but notice the search terms (and parameters) that produce the search result get thrown back into the search field for you. So, you can easily click back into the search field there and, say, add an additional keyword to narrow down your results.

Now, your wish list desire would only do you any good if you had some search-friendly way to hive off book 2 docs from book 1 – by distinct keywords, for example. So, that suggests you are already in a position to take advantage of this idea. Keep your smart collections “book neutral”, and just augment their reconstituted search terms on the fly by adding ‘book2’ (or whatever is the keyword that identifies book2 stuff) to the search field.


I think grouping collections would get quite complicated. Can you not use the front matter option at Compile time to swap out the front matter for different retailer releases? We have plans to add a back matter option, too, so that you would be able to customise both.

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