Additional formats in 'Compile For' menu: Mellel and NWP

Which format would you like to see added to the ‘Compile For’ menu?

  • Mellel
  • Nisus Writer Pro

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One suggestion I would like to make is that the Mellel and Nisus Writer Pro file formats be added to the list of supported formats under ‘Compile For’. As far as I know, these are the two major alternatives to Microsoft Word for MacOS, and I think many Scrivener users would be glad to be able to export their work directly into these word processors without the intermediate step of compiling as .docx or .rtf and then importing to the word processor (which tends to involve the loss of some formatting information).

NWP’s native format is RTF. There’s nothing to convert.

In my experience Mellel also opens RTF files without problems, and has done ever since I first encountered it soon after OS-X 10.0.0 was launched. In fact, for me the problem with Mellel was that it couldn’t open .doc files in Chinese directly so I had to convert them to RTF to open them in Mellel. KB would have to spend time and effort duplicating what Mellel already does easily.


Many thanks to rdale and xiamenese for these very helpful comments! I just put your advice to the test by compiling my current project as .rtf and importing to both Mellel and NWP. The results were good in both cases (formatting and footnotes seem to have been preserved), which is very reassuring.

I also tried compiling as .docx. Although the resulting document looked fine in Microsoft Word, attempting to import it into either Mellel or NWP resulted in formatting errors. So it would seem that there really are advantages to sticking with .rtf.

Having said all that, I still think that being able to compile to a .mellel file or an .rtf optimized for use with NWP would be a really nice addition to Scrivener.