Additional Meta-Data fields?

The Miscellaneous “Recipe Collection” template shows an interesting way to use the Meta Data “Labels” and “Status”. They can be edited to suit different applications for which it seems, they were originally intended. So useful in fact, that I would like to be able to create more fields.

My question is: Is it possible to create additional Meta-Data fields other than the existing two, Lables and Status and that would behave in similar fashion?

Many thanks

Have you seen the Custom MetaData panel in the inspector? I’m not sure if their “behavior” is similar enough to labels and statuses, but you can certainly create custom fields and store data in them.

Yes thank you I did see that and that does work to a degree.
It is the third dimension I am looking for, the one that allows the creation of choice. For example colours or stars. I can almost get around it by creating for example a field for each colour, but that takes so much horizontal space.
I’m trying to do something for which this product wasn’t designed, but it is so good that I would like to see how far it can be pushed. :wink:

The ability to choose different sorts of meta-data fields rather than just text fields - so pop-up menus like label and status, checkboxes and so on - is something I hope to add for version 3.0, as it is something that has had a lot of requests. (3.0 is just a twinkle in my eye at the moment, mind. :wink: )

Good to know!