additional spaces between words in capital letters?

Sometimes scrivener adds some extra spaces between words, if they are written in all capital letters. It doesn’t happen in the process of writing however. Only sometimes later, when I come back to reread a certain passage I get aware of the changes. Is this a setting problem or may it be a bug? Here some snapshots.


Sounds like a bug, but I’ll ahve to play around a little to see if I can reproduce it as I’ve never seen this with just spaces and capitals. There is a bug, which has been addressed for the next release, whereby additional spaces get added after a non-breaking space. Any chance any of the spaces (the first one after each word) is a non-breaking space? At the moment they and standard spaces have the same marker when viewing invisibles (this is also getting revised in the next update) so you may have to play a little and try pushing some words over the line break to see how they group, or copying and pasting into another program that will show you the distinction between the two spaces.

Otherwise, if you find steps to trigger this with just the spaces and capitalized words, please let me know!

I copied into word and you’re (partly) right. In the first screenshot there is a non breaking space followed by ONE standard space. So, actually scrivener displays several standard spaces where word displays one.
The interesting thing is that there has been added one more standard space overnight. So when I checked right now, the first screenshot became this:
In the second screenshot however, there is no nb-space.

Maybe it also helps to have a look at the word invisibles.

After finding the nb-space, I closed and reopened scrivener, but it made no difference. I then tried to manually backup, which too, didn’t make any difference.
I canceled the four standard spaces following the nb-space, closed, reopened and found one standard space following the nb-space. Repeating these steps didn’t produce any more standard spaces.

With regard to the second screenshot, I was not able to reproduce this at all.

I think it may be the bug you were refering to. I canceled the nb-spaces and will observe if any changes occur in the next days.

btw - talking about nb-spaces. My keyboard setting usually allows me to add nb-spaces under windows with the shortcut AltGr + space (YES, I was the one asking for an nb-space shortcut in a seperate topic :wink: ). If I type this into the editor it gives me a standard space without any invisibles instead (character counted in the character count). I actually didn’t expect it to give me an nb-space, rather a standard space or simply no character at all, but a standard space without invisible? What is that then?

Sorry for bothering you with so many questions. I suppose you will dream about nb-spaces tonight :smiley:

The first part is definitely the bug I was referring to; Scrivener will keep adding spaces after the nb-space, as you saw, and the only way I know to prevent this is to remove the nb-space entirely. This should be fixed for the next update, though, as I said, and it should be possible then as well to use the find/replace function to quickly clean up the extra spaces while preserving the nb-spaces. (You can use the “multiple spaces to space” option in the format menu, but this respects nb-spaces so instances of nb-space + standard space will remain, and if you really only want the nb-space there you’ll need to use find/replace to replace nb-space+space with just nb+space.) I’m not sure what’s up with the second case, where there aren’t nb-spaces between the words, so if you figure out any other trigger for that place let me know.

As far as the other shortcut you’re talking about, you’ll have to wait until I get on a Windows machine to see what’s going on there.