Additional windows

Okay, I’m a newbie who wants to make scriviner work for him.

I’ve done the tute and read through Scriviner Help, but I can’t find an answer to what I want to do, which is this:

I like to have my character profiles, location descriptions or any reference material open in another window whilst I work on my ms. I also like to have the split screen view whilst I work, but I don’t want to ‘sacrifice’ one of the split windows for this reference information.

For instance. I would like to create some character profiles, but have them open at all times (if I want) either floating, or attached as a pane to the main scriviner window. The notes window changes with the document (text section from the draft), as does the synopsis, which is not what I want.

I supose I could put this stuff in Project notes, but then I can’t split it up into viewable sections, so that I can select them from some drop down list somewhere. Or can I?

The scratch pad looked useful but there seems to be only one. If I save it (so that I can make more of them), then it (they) go into the main binder window and then, when clicked on, open in the main scriviner window, again not what I want.

I need this app to be able to perform this function for it to be of any use for me.

Can anyone help? Maybe I missed something really important somewhere.

[b]What would be really neat is a set of configurable tabs on the rh side of the inspector window. I could then label these to what I want and have them pop out as needed, also with their own selectable contents via a drop down selection rectangle. Yes, no?

Alternately, have the Reference folder in the main binder viewable in a seperate pane, as a preference setting, ie, a third main window of scriviner, preferably on the rh side, so that it stays independent of each text document, but linked to the reference folder documents.

Alternatively have the binder pane split into one or more (editable) sections each one representing an extra, pop out or stay out, pane.[/b]

Writing a novel usually means that your reference material often relates to many chapters, if not the entire book, especially character profiles, location descriptions, and if you are into s/f like me, then all the gadgets that you invent and worlds and places need to be accessible, regardless of what chapter or text document you have open in the main editing window(s). Phew!

Great product so far.