Address not propagating in compile

Is there a way to get Scrivener to auto propagate mailing address, email and phone number into compiled documents. I entered them manually into preferences, but am still seeing “Your address.”

Also, a way to get it to include my middle initial - it’s deleting it. Grumble.

Are you using the placeholder tags (you can get a floating window with all available tags in the Help menu)?

No. I got the impression it was possible to have it put the actual data in where it puts “Your address” in compile. It’s including my name, but not the rest.

If you mean in the template front matter—no, AFAIK, you have to hard-edit those.

Scrivener propagates such data only when a project is created.

So, if you have entered your name, address, etc in preferences, that data will be used when you next create a new project. It doesn’t propagate to existing projects.

Slàinte mhòr.

Okay, that is the information I needed.

It wasn’t able to get it from contacts for some reason, I guess.

Thank you.


That might be to do with whether or not Scrivener has been granted access to Contacts. This grab from Apple > System Preferences:

If contact info is entered into Scrivener > Preferences > General > Author Information, Scrivener should use that data instead of looking in (or trying to look in) Contacts…but only ever when a project is created, in terms of the front-matter pages.

Slàinte mhòr.