ADIEU (for now?)

Dear Scrivenerati,
My wife Angela has taken a nasty fall and hurt her spine, as well breaking her ankle. The prognosis for a full recovery, is extremely positive, but, it will probably take upwards of nine months to achieve. As you may well imagine, my time and efforts will be directed towards that end. So! I`m taking this opportunity to wish you all adieu and good luck, in your endeavours.

I may of course, on the odd occasion, dispatch Le D for a surreptitious lurk. If you feel a sudden chill in the air, itll be him. Adieun`Take care

Bad news.

All the best for your wife and yourself! I hope that she will be fully restored.

Dear Vic,
Thinking about you and your wife during this challenging time. Think positively. It’s surprising how much that means when you’re in the middle of difficult times. And don’t forget to take of yourself as well as you care for her. It’s easy to forget our selves during hard times.

Hey Vic,

I sincerely hope your wife makes a full and speedy recovery. The forums won’t be the same without you! (Even I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or insult, though…)

Take care and hope to see you back here soon,

When you return, you’ll no doubt find the bilge decks to be as foul and rank as ever, I’ll see to it that nobody cleans it out, so you can feel right at home.

Best wishes, Vic-K.

Very sorry to hear that, Vic. I wish your wife a speedy recovery.
Also, I am pretty sure I will miss your infamous postings here :wink:

Good luck on everything and hope to see you around Christmas :slight_smile:


pretty much sums it up.

Then again, imagine how bad Mrs. K feels. 9 mo of nothing but vic-k.

Who will keep the flying duster in-line?
Who will point out my inability to actually comment on the topic being discussed?
Who will provide the gutter seeking focus to Pink?


Come back soon.

Blimey. This is indeed sad news on every level. All good wishes to your wife for a swift and complete recovery.

But I take the “for now?” seriously, Vic, and look forward to your return. At least, send Fluff.



As the Irish say, I’m sorry for your troubles.
I can’t believe you will stay away forever.
Just to keep your competitive edge keen:
We shall all conspire to exceed your 2,420 total of messages.
Seriously, take good care of Angela. . .and moderately so of yourself.


If she is going to be sitting a lot a sheepskin is supposed to be comfy.

Best wishes, you will get through it.


I’m sure she will appreciate your devotion. We look forward to your return, with good news!

Good luck and best wishes for your wife, Vic-k
In bocca al lupo!!!

I’m sorry to hear of this accident. My best wishes for a full and prompt recover. Keep us informed.


Best of Luck and Speedy Recovery!!

(Remember to lift with your legs and not your back. Otherwise, your wife’s condition will become contagious!!)


Mon Cher Vic,

Je suis navré d’entendre que ta femme est blessée. Que dieu, et toi, la guériras bientôt!


I might add my best wishes to your wife despite your efforts?!?
Naw, that wouldn’t be very polite, now would it? Forget that. Best wishes to your wife.

That’s terrible news, Vic. Your poor wife! I hope she gets better soon.

We shall miss you dreadfully. I hope you get some time for yourself, so that you can have a break now and then from your nursing duties to pop in here, or at least to do something else you enjoy. Don’t forget your own health and happiness!

Love and best wishes. Look after yourself.

Dear Shipmates,
I`d like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for your good wishes and kind words.

Today they fitted a back brace, and she was able to sit up for a while. That cheered her up immensely.

She`s also sharpening and honing her technique for bossing me about when she comes home. :frowning:
Once again, my sincere thanks, to you all.
Take care

So sorry for your misfortunes… I understand, my wife has serious health issues herself. Haven’t been in a writing mood for a while now.

Take care, we’ll miss you.

I do pray for a speedy and painless recovery and of course a recovery with no problems in the rehabilitation stages.

PS: And you better take extra good care of her because if you don’t you will have a ship full of angry pirates that will make you walk the plank

sober :slight_smile:

Godspeed and good luck my friend.