ADIEU (for now?)

Dear Vic,

I’m sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she recovers soon.
I also hope that we’ll see and hear from you here on these forums really soon. Why, I’ve just recently decided on a name for my main character for my crime story: Viktor K. Munk. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why … You are an inspiration to us all. And who knows? Maybe we have your wife to thank for that?
So, once again, I hope she will be well soon and that we’ll hear from you again.
Because frankly, it wouldn’t be the same without you.


If you are going to name a character Munk his first name has to be Harry. Pronounced Arry.

With that as a name you can get many double entendres, sniggers and titters in your text.

Trust me on this. I will let others explain.


Why not leave it as is (Viktor) and have folks make references to Harry when he is around? Better yet call him Harry in his absence?

That would meed all the intended needs. Not to mention being appropriate for Mr. K.

vic-k & mrs-k,

Why, just look at Jaysen. He misplaced his whole head a while back and he was back at it in no time.

My best to Angela-k. I hope and trust her recovery will be speedy.

Best wishes,

Wait. You mean “vic-k” is like—you know—a guy?! :open_mouth:

Afternoon Shipmates,
Yesterday morning, Ange underwent surgery on her heel. As long as she doesn`t put any weight on the heel for three months, there should be no problems. That proviso however does present problems coping with the spinal injury, when it comes to ease of mobility, but, having said that, she is making (reassuringly), great progress in that area.

I was with Ange (holding her hand), after they brought her back from the recovery room yesterday. When she finally opened her eyes, my face was the first thing she saw. Le D, being a Master of the Physiognomic Art, would no doubt render his interpretation of her facial expression, as: “Here we go again, ‘The Usual Suspects’.”

Seriously though, many many thanks for your kindness.
Take care

Vic … I haven’t written thus far, as I’m not good at these things, but my thoughts have been with you and Angela. I do hope she makes as full as recovery as possible as quickly as it is possible. And you look after yourself … I’m sure she prefers to have the usual suspects around. I mean to say, better the rat, the cat, the three-legged dog, the devious doctor, etc. that she knows where she is with :wink:

All the best.


…that sounds more than good enough to me, Mark. I`m sure Ange would say the same. Thank you! :smiley:

This afternoon, with only the aid of a walking frame, she hopped/walked across the ward and back. It was a quantum leap in terms of progress, and a wonderful fillip to her self confidence.

Thanks to y`s all, once again for your kindness :smiley:
Take care

This is very good news and in such a short time. Keep her being positive and motivated or else I will play kick the dog. :slight_smile:

The good news is: Ange is being discharged next Monday morning. :smiley:

The bad news is: according to the three ladies Ange shares the ward with, she`s gonna have me jumping through hoops, when she gets home. :frowning: :open_mouth:

I can see it all! Ill be naught but the wasted husk of my former self, by the time shes fit again.
Ah well. C`est la vie :frowning:

A wasted skeleton can become further wasted? Is this your circular logic again?

Gently give her a hug for us. Gently.

Vic, I’m late to this thread, but your Ange is in my prayers for a speedy recovery! You, too, are in them–you’ll need strength and patience, to care for a patient. Courage, and Godspeed!

Dear Jacqi
Thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:
Since coming home last Monday, shes exhibiting a [i]reasonable[/i] degree of agility, which is encouraging, given the nature of her injuries. Shes quite fragile emotionally though, but thats only to be expected under the circumstances: shes got me looking after her. :frowning:

We`ll get there. The prognosis is still v-good!
Take care

I think it has more to do with the injury, the pain, and the very painkillers themselves than it does with the caregiver. I can say that with some experience, having been the emotionally fragile patient. But this, too, shall pass and get better!


I know that as a lawyer you carefully weigh your words before uttering (or typing) then, but I believe you have a significant error in your previous post.

Consider this [size=125]the caregiver is [/size][size=150]vic-k[/size].

It may have more to due with the delivery of care in this particular case.

Well, I was thinking back to when I was 15, and had all four bone-impacted wisdom teeth removed. I can’t even describe the misery. My caregiver was the sweetest, most wonderful person ever–my dear Grammy. She made sure I had everything I needed, and just held me and talked to me as I wept.

It took you 8hrs 58min, to come up with that one, Hillbilly. Y`re slipping! tch!tch!

In my defense the real time of Jacqi’s post was 10:10 PM. At that time I was conversing with the family and preparing for sleep.

Replying to Jacqi was in fact, the first thing I did this morning.

This illustrates the key difference.

Grammy == Nice person who makes your life easy.
vic-k == old guy who you are stuck with and still smells like a drunken welder.

For a more pictorial based illustrations consider

A verrrry long time ago, in a galaxy, much further than, far far away: 3:10 am, was actually alienese, for 10:10pmrealtime?? The mind doth boggle!! :open_mouth:

Hillbilly! You don`t live in realtime! So! Why do you bandy the term about as though it was your natural habitat?