Adjective highlighting

Recently I ran across a book on Amazon (I think) titled “Catch an Adjective and Kill it”. The title reminded me of the practice of replacing adjectives with descriptions. Descriptions that “explore in the mind” – The Elements of Style (Strunk and White).

Would highlighting a chosen list of words be hard to implement?

Would it be valuable to anyone else?



Sorry, Bob, but this sort of thing is waaay beyond the scope of Scrivener.
Thanks for the suggestion, though. :slight_smile:

And… then Scrivener 3.0 added just this feature! … stic-focus

But the OP’s post and KBs answer was in 2007. 10 years later, Apple has provided the framework/gizmos to make it possible.

N.B. This is not to disparage Keith’s part in it, but if you read the blog where Linguistic Focus was announced, it was pointed out that the Windows version will only have Dialogue Focus, as Qt/Windows does not provide the necessary framework/gizmos.



I just tried out the Adjective Search function for the first time and it’s pretty amazing (the little things…)

Mostly wanted to point out that it’s there for others who find these old posts while searching for it.

This is a good example of technology changing in ten years - the sort of thing that would be out of scope for me to develop myself (all those languages and listing all the verbs, nouns etc!) but that is great to be able to include when Apple adds the technology to the macOS frameworks.