Adjust footnote panel font magnification

I can change the % magnification of fonts in the main editor. But this does not update the font magnification of the footnotes/annotations. It would be nice if they were able to be linked.

This doesn’t sound right unless you are talking about linked notes. Here is a screenshot showing a footnote, which has even been modified by the preferences to use a smaller font, zoomed to 400%. As you can see it remains proportionally smaller than the main text, but is magnified by the same factor.

If you meant inspector comments and footnotes, that’s a whole different part of the interface. If you find the defaults too small, you can change them in the Formatting preference pane. It seems a bit strange to apply the editor zoom to an auxiliary part of the interface though. If this impacted inspector notation, why not Snapshot preview, and Notes, and even Synopsis? I don’t think these are logically connected to the editor zoom function, but it would be odd to single out only one of them as being connected.

I was talking about the inspector footnotes and comments.

You’re not quite correct in saying that they are unconnected, as I can convert between inline and inspector footnotes and annotations. So, there is some connection (which is quite logical) between the two that is not apparent with others inspectors. What is more, that connection becomes very apparent when you do the conversion, because the fonts in one are carried over to other. So, onscreen, a 16pt font for the footnote inspector and an 11pt font for the main editor at 150% looks fine. Now, convert the inspector footnotes to inline. They are now 16pt AND 150%. Not so nice.

Hm. So perhaps the problem is really the conversion process. An option to “convert to default font” might be useful?


Right-click in the inspector footnote. :wink:

You can set the default in the Formatting pane of the preferences, and then load all your docs in a Scrivenings session, show the comments & footnotes pane of the inspector and select all, then right click in one of the footnotes to convert to the default. (Note, that will also convert the comments to their default.)

Hi. I’d like to revisit my original suggestion here (it has been awhile, but I’ve been away).

I’ve have my main font set to 11pt magnified 150%. This looks nice on the screen, and prints at the right size under file/print. The footnotes in the side panel are lucida grande 12, they need to be this big to read.

But, now when I print, the 12pt lucida font ends up in the document, and now it is way too big.

So, how can I organise things so that the fonts look good both on-screen and in print?

The problem (it seems to me) is that I have 2 controls for the document font (font size and magnification) and only one for the footnote/comment font.

You do have a secondary control over the footnote size if you choose to print via compile, though, since you can override the font there. Since you can select specific folders or collections for compile, even if you’re just wanting to dash off a quick print of a single document or two, this might be a better option than File>Print. Once you’ve adjusted the settings the way you like them you can save them as a preset so it’s easy to switch between modes if you’re also using compile for more finished drafts.

I wouldn’t even bother with trying to do that in the editors.

Right! Thanks. I just figured this out last night. I made the mistake of using File/Print, which has no fine control over these options. I’ve now set up a Compile to PDF option that does the right thing.