Adjust Format of Multiple Scrivenings?

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I have a project with about three or four dozen Scrivenings in them; all of them have varying amounts of text already entered in them. What I was wondering is this. Say I want to change, for instance, the line-spacing of a series of text documents in the Binder . . . is there a way to just select the files and then do . . . something . . . to adjust their formatting, all at once, without having to go into each file individually and select all, then change formatting? I already know how to use Preferences to set this up so that ALL future new documents have a certain format, but what about existing documents? Is this possible?

If not, this would be a GREAT feature to have at our disposal in the future!


Have you tried:

a) Setting the new format you want in Preferences / Formatting (not in the project text settings box).

b) In the binder selecting the documents you want to change

c) selecting Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

I think this does what you want, unless I’ve misunderstood…




Yes, David’s suggestion does exactly what you want for applying the formatting set in the preferences to any existing documents. You can also load multiple documents in a scrivenings session, select all, and then format as you wish.

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Thanks guys,

That worked like a charm! I knew there had to be a way to do that, and turns out, there was! My only complaint was that I had to select all the documents individually in order to do it. What would’ve been nice is if I could’ve just selected the parent folder (or Document) containing documents, and then selected the option to Apply Default Formatting, and for the child-objects to have all been reformatted accordingly, provided that there was some option in Preferences to allow or disallow this behavior, seeing as how for documents with subdocuments, things could get confusing. But oh well . . . For now, things are working great. Thanks for the tips, they worked!


You can do this already, using basically the same method:

a) Highlight the parent folder,

b) in (scrivenings mode), type cmd-A in the Editor to select all the text

c) Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Style.