Adjust image position in image synopsis

Hello All,

I’m fairly new to Scrivener, but so far I’m absolutely loving it. It does just about everything I need plus a lot more. Today I ran into a question about viewing images as photographs on the cork board. Is there a way to adjust the position of the image in the photograph frame on the cork board? If not, this feature would definitely be on my wish list for future versions.

Let me give you an example to make sure I’m explaining myself clearly. I have set up a character folder in my novel so that when I click on this folder as a whole and view in cork board mode, I see images of each character. This allows me to see all of my characters collected together on the screen and is great in terms of inspiration.

The reference photos/artwork I use are often too large for the photograph frame on the cork board. Typically the way it crops the image to the frame works just fine. However, many of the images I use are more than just a headshot. If the image is a full body or even waist-up view, the photo frame on the cork board ends up cutting off the actor’s head. (See attachment for an example)

I haven’t seen any method for adjusting the position of an image in the frame, so I suspect this is a wish list item. I would like to see it implemented such that it works similar to either Facebook or even photos in your contacts folder on the Mac or iPhone, where you can drag an image around within the frame so that it crops to exactly the portion of the image you’d like to see. If this functionality already exists, I’d definitely appreciate a heads up on how to do it.

I searched around the forums and didn’t see any previous requests. I apologize if this has already been addressed. Thanks for your time and effort. I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making Scrivener as fantastic and helpful as it already is. Thanks!
Photo View Screenshot.png

Yeah, that’s something on the long-term list for both platforms, it isn’t in the software yet. Right now you just need to make sure the aspect ratio of the image is correct for your index card size. Wider images work better than taller ones, as you can see! If you don’t have anything to edit pictures with, Preview can crop graphics easily enough. Just draw a rectangle around the spot you want to use, and then copy and paste to make a new file with the selected region.

Thanks for the quick reply. Glad to hear that it is in the long-term list. I’ll manually crop as you suggest until then. Thanks again! :smiley: