Adjust Paper Location Top to Bottom in Fullscreen Mode?


I thought it was possible to adjust the location of the paper in fullscreen mode from top to bottom (as well as left/center/right) in 1.54. Perhaps I’m mistaken. What I want is to have a faded paper on a background picture, but would like the writing to be nearer to the bottom of the screen. (I have the perfect snow scene for this.) Is this possible in 2.0?



You can adjust paper height on the same slider as paper width; just hold down the option key. You can’t move it around vertically though. It follows a set algorithm to eventually achieve a letterbox look in the upper portion of the screen (most people want to look directly out, not down, for five hours at a time). I would have to double check later on the computer that still has 1.54 installed, but I’m pretty sure this is no different than it was before—just the controls have been moved so that they can be project specific.