Adjustable synopsis window

I’m using my inspector synopsis window to give a brief summary of the scene to be written including notes. I wish this window could be made bigger. I thought about using the document notes but I like being able to see and print all of my scenes together in the main window with the synopsis option shown- document notes don’t show up. Thanks.

A quick note on printing: you can set up the compiler to print titles + notes without text, and then set the compiler to use your current selection. This makes for an easy way to print bulk notes for what you are looking at, and if you find it useful you might want to save those compile settings as a preset.

As for the index cards, you can make them larger on the corkboard in a number of ways. The easiest way is to probably just set them to 1 or 2 across. That makes for a fairly large card size.

And although you can’t specifically resize the index card in the inspector, you can drag separator between the editor and the inspector to the left to make the whole inspector wider, which will adjust the index card proportionally.