adjusting colors using HSB sliders

When I set colors for lables using HSB sliders, I find that when I reopen the sliders at another point, the values will have changed. The difference in terms of the final color is not profound - if at all, but wondering why it’s doing this and how to stop it. I’m just trying to harmonize the saturation and brightness, making hue the only changing variable.


What version of the OS are you using? I just did some checks with 10.9, using several different programs that can utilise the Apple colour picker, and found that all of them are quite unreliable with HSB, even Photoshop if you set it to use Apple’s picker instead of their own. It just doesn’t seem capable of picking up the original colour accurately, despite storing it correctly.

The work-around appears to be to use the magnifying glass to pick up the accurate colour from the label UI. I noticed a little drift sometimes when doing that, but that’s probably down to how the OS stores colours as floating point values and then rounding the numbers down to integers or percentages for display.

OS 10.7.5; whichever feline that is…

It’s not enough of a deal for me to worry about, i just wondered if I was alone in this. Thanks.