Adjusting line spacing while compiling?

This is probably a very silly question, but I am stumped.

When I compile, I turn off the “override text and notes formatting” under the “Formatting” tab. This seems to preserve my font sizes, bold, italics, etc…

…but it still overrides my line spacing! I want my compiled book to have 1.5x line spacing, and instead it always reverts to 1.0x. Am I missing a box to check or uncheck somewhere on the Compile tabs?

Many thanks for your help!

What format are you compiling to? Line spacing on the ebook formats is necessarily left to be controlled by the device it’s viewed on and isn’t set in Scrivener.

In this case, I’m compiling to a Word document. I assumed that the spacing would be controllable in such an output.

Okay, yes, for RTF, DOC or DOCX the spacing should remain the same as whatever it’s using in the editor if you’re not overriding. If you compile straight to RTF (which avoids third-party converters), is your line spacing preserved? How is your spacing set within the documents being compiled? Each of them will use whatever spacing they have in the editor (at the paragraph level), so could it be that some of them have accidentally be changed from the 1.5 spacing?