Adjusting the main window size...

This may sound like a dumb question, and honestly, I’m not sure where to put this, because I don’t think it’s a bug-it’s more of a user-comfort feature.

The main window-the one where you can type and such-is there any way to adjust the window size?

I’ve tried moving my mouse to the corners (both top and bottom) to get that double arrow which normally lets me adjusts the size (diagonially) in other platforms. I get the arrow, and I can change the overall width-but I can’t change the actual height-which I need to do in order to see all the buttons along the bottom of the footer bar in Scrivener (becasue my task bar covers it up. For now, I’ve moved my task bar off to the side of my computer screen, but having it there really annoys me.).

Also, I’m not in full-screen, and yes, the main window is it’s normal size.

Even if there’s not a way to change the size of the main window diagonially, is there any way to change the height of the main window at all? I can see that my computer gets the double arrow along the bottom of the footer, so it should be possible, but when I move the double arrow up, the main window stays the same size.

Thanks in advance.

I can re-size the window. For the bottom panel to be displayed correctly, the window has to be of at least 755 px height. Maybe this helps.

Yes, there is apparently a minimum height for the Scrivener window. If you don’t mind working in maximized window mode, you can do that and it’ll adjust itself so that the bottom bar is flush with your taskbar.


Thanks! That helped, although I wish I could adjust the height without having to have the window at it’s maximazed size.

Still, it’s better than having to move my taskbar!

Thanks again.

Great! I had the same problem as you and the maximized window worked as a temporary solution for me.

I’m glad I could help. :slight_smile:

If you are using a netbook (1024*600) resolution or a like resolution, keeping the “Inspector” pane (the right-hand side pane) open in unminimised mode will make it impossible to resize the window as that pane has a minimum height.

You could work in maximised mode or simply turn off the inspector pane.

If this is the issue you are experiencing, I would believe that Lee has logged the bug. If not, you might want to file a bug report.

By the way, on my netbook I just hit Win-UpArrow to fit the window to size if it comes up too big. That will only work on Win7 though.

I’ll have to do that; maximizing the window works as a temp. solution, and when I closed the inspector, it would let me adjust the window height, so that must mean it’s a bug.

Thanks, all.

yes, i too prefer not to work with it maximized. I have a fairly good-sized laptop and can’t see the bottom, which falls behind the taskbar, too. I love the software and see its potential, so it isn’t actually a deal-breaker. And it isn’t actually a bug, like you said. More a strong preference :wink:

I run win 7-64, but the windows/up-arrow just maximizes it for me. It doesn’t leave it minimized and fit the window too. Darn! i suppose if i played with the screen resolution, i could find a way. But that would change everything else, too.

looking forward to the Grand Release Party!