Adjusting window sizes

I just upgraded. I’m having trouble sizing the various windows the way I want them. Is there a minimum size for the corkboard or something?

I use a vertical split for my editor windows, and I can’t get the corkboard window as narrow as I prefer without eating into my binder space, which is more important to me.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Hmm… might have something to do with screenplay mode… that’s where I started. But I’d still like to squeeze those cards down a bit more.

There is a minimum width for the editor, so if you have a vertical split it has to respect the minimum width of both editors. It can’t be reduced to a smaller width than the total width of all the controls that can appear in the footer bar and header bar, otherwise a problem with the way OS X controls and views works means that the header and footer bar can get messed up.

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Hm. I can get it really small and have the footer icons overlap each other:
smushed controls.png

Is that not supposed to happen?

Ah. Very well, then. Thanks.