Admin access required for install [ADDRESSED]

Unfortunately, the installer requires “admin” access to run, thereby excluding those of us whose laptops are provided by employers.

Any chance of a simple zip extraction version? It will be a larger download, but should increase the number of potential purchasers. After all, the chances of people wanting to carry two laptops is pretty remote.

The “Audacity” soundforge program is a good example of this in practice.



The developer will have to answer this definitively, but I think the current trick is getting the spell checker properly registered with a zip-style “portable” install.

Admin rights to install are required to register the spelling dlls with the Windows registry and set up their associated paths on the Windows path. It is also required to register the .scrivx extension in the registry.

If you’re happy to live without spelling and set up your own .scrivx extension then there’s no problem with this - it can run from a USB stick or hard drive. However, I’m not sure we’d officially support this configuration in the production release.