Admin Lacks Permissions To Create A New Project?

I opened Scrivener tonight, and it wanted to update. I told it ok. I updated, and relaunched.

Then I went to open a new project. I set it up, give it a file name, and hit create. I get this

Cannot access ‘C:/Users/rest of filepath’

You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission.

I’m the admin, there’s 1 login for my computer. I thought maybe a reboot would help, but it didn’t. I tried changing to a couple different directories, even tried my dropbox folder. Nothing.

I went back to my existing project, and it seems to save fine, and I can edit it, and I can open the tutorial again and it’s fine. But I can’t make a new proejct, and that’s frustrating.

I read in the knowledge base that projects can’t be read only, because Scrivener creates the lock file, so I even tried to set a couple folder to be not read only, and still, no luck.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you have already checked this, but just to verify: if you right-click on the folder you are trying to make projects in, and select Properties, then the Security tab, do you have checkmarks in the “Allow” column for everything except “Special”, when selecting either your user name, or the admin group, in the top half of this tab?

If that looks okay, then this next test should work, but if it doesn’t it might indicate something has gone a bit haywire with Windows. Try opening Notepad, typing in a few letters, and then saving this .txt file to the folder in question. If the Notepad window is closed, can you then double-click on the new text file and verify the letters you typed in?

I checked permissions in the folder, since I’m just saving into my documents folder, and the permissions are all set the same for system, admin, and my login: everything checked but special permissions.

I created the notepad file, saved it, and reopened it. So it’s all good there.

I’m wondering if I should uninstall Scrivener, and then reinstall it, and see what happens.

Yes, go ahead and do an uninstall, and then download a fresh copy from the web site and install it again. This shouldn’t disturb any registration status or working data.

Once you’ve done that, if it still doesn’t work, one thing that I thought of to check: are you selecting “Blank” as the starter, or one of the templates? Templates are pre-built projects wrapped in Zip compression, so they have a few extra layers of code to run through, whereas “Blank” is assembled brand new on the spot. That test would eliminate any problem with the extraction and creation of an existing folder structure.

I’m assuming that if you duplicate the tutorial project and double-click on the project.scrivx file, it opens fine, too. If it takes a bit to solve this, that might be a decent work-around. Just copy an existing project and then clear it out once you have it open.

I’m an idiot. My entire problem appeared to be that I was trying to save my project as “con” and that’s not allowed. I changed it to convention, and it opened right up.

I uninstalled Scrivener, downloaded a new version, and reinstalled. Then I tried opening a blank project, and a novel project, and neither would work. I got the same error as before. Then I tried opening a new tutorial, and when I put in “Con” it told me it wasn’t allowed/

I feel dumb now.

Well that’s strange. Is that some kind of Windows thing I’m not familiar with? I wouldn’t consider it idiotic to try and name something “con”. I wonder if there is some kind of bug there.

CON is the console device.

From the Command Prompt …
C:\alm>mode /status

Status for device CON:

Lines:          999
Columns:        90
Keyboard rate:  31
Keyboard delay: 1
Code page:      437

Ah, okay and I see now if I try to save a file called ‘con.txt’ in Notepad I get an error about it being a reserved system name. Thanks for the info!