Administrative rights required?

I’ve never had to log on as an administrator on my computer to install Scrivener before, but the latest 1.9 update won’t even download (via the check-for-updates window) without those rights. Has this requirement changed, or is this a mistake in the installer?

Administrative rights will be required to update an admin install, but this isn’t new to 1.9. The update needs to be run from the account that installed the application. If you have a standard install of 1.8.6, running the program as that user and doing the Check for Updates should work just fine.

This is good to know.

I installed Scriv for Windows before I was granted an administrative account, so that can’t be it. I ended up downloading directly from the website and installing that where the older version was installed. Am I correct in assuming that if I was able to do that, then future updates will install without requiring administrator logon?

So this is clearly broken. my account is admin, i only have 1 account on my computer, it was installed under this same account, running the .exe as admin doesn’t work, running the shortcut as admin doesn’t work. having to reinstall the whole thing and set everything back up again is ridiculous. guess i wont be updating till this is fixed.