Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (Highlighting)

I’m not sure if this is a Scrivener issue. I imported an Acrobat document created in 6.0 to the research folder. The document had text which was highlighted in yellow using the tools/commenting/highlighter function in Acrobat. When viewed in Scrivener the text was completely gone but the highlighted lines were still visible. Not sure if this is an Acrobat version issue being that 6.0 is an older program etc.

That sounds like it might be an old Acrobat issue. I just tried this recently to see how portable Acrobat’s annotations were, and in version 9 (ships with some versions of CS5) the result looks pretty clean. What happens if you open up this PDF in Preview. We are essentially using the same engine that Preview uses to display PDFs.

Also, is the text actually gone, or just not visible? If you highlight the area to paste it in the Notes pane, do you get any text at all?


This looks like something I have with most of the pdfs I’m using (even those created by Scrivener’s compile).

They look empty.
Most of the time, they show up 0 pages.
The file is there, but no text nor image is visible.

This behaviour is different from one project to another, and it does NOT depend on the number of files inside the project.

Pdfs seem to appear randomly.
Sometimes they are visible for a certain time, then they disappear.
Once it has become impossible to view them, it is as if the project itself had lost that viewing function.

I’ll check when I get some time and respond back.