Advanced Placeholder Tags in Next Windows Version?

Hello, I am quite new to Scrivener and would use it to write academic text. As stated in many posts I already read, such text requires a lot of referencing in the same document - e.g. to figures, tables etc.
I found posts explaining how to manage this issue with placeholder tags in Scrivener, but seemingly it only works in the Mac version. My question is - will the use of advances placeholder tags like in this little example be possible with Scrivener 3 for Windows?

[One image]
Figure <$n:figure:myImage>
[Another image]
Figure <$n:figure:nextImage>
[A table]
Table <$t:table:myTable>
See Figure <$n:figure:myImage>,
Figure <$n:figure:nextImage> and Table <$t:table:myTable>.

If not - could you provide a tutorial or manual to maybe use another additional software to overcome this issue? Would it be possible to do this with Latex for Windows?

Thank you, Nicole

That is the plan, to bring the Windows version to equivalence with the Mac version 3 (with possible lacunae resulting from operating system differences)! :slight_smile:

Scrivener 3 for Windows is under beta testing, but from what I read there is much still to be sorted out.

Mac Scrivener user, not linked to L&L

Thank you, I was not sure whether I missed something in my version. So, I will wait then for Scrivener 3. I still use the trial version of Scrivener 2 and I guess if I buy that now I will have to pay in addition to upgrade to 3…
Thanks again, Nicole

Yes, I imagine it will be more than 3 months before Windows v. 3 is fully ready, so there will probably be an upgrade fee. I don’t know what the status of the advanced placeholder tags is in the current beta1, but maybe someone will be along who does know. Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you might consider downloading the beta at some point. The appropriate link will be posted in the Beta-testing forum.