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Hi everyone,

This is probably quite simple, but I can’t find a way to do it. I want to create a search collection of all chapters in my MS with a certain status. Now, I can do this, but it also includes all subdocuments with the same status. Is there any way of asking Scriv to only search the status of chapters? I appreciate that there’s a workaround (e.g. creating keywords for chapters, or only using status for chapters - or whatever), but I thought I’d ask before I head down that route.

Thank you!


You must have some definition of “chapter” that Scrivener would recognise, like a Section Type that the items you call chapters use. If not, getting that set up will be your step zero.

With a good definition of types established, that kind of search should be no problem. That’s one of the advantages of the new type-based system: you can search for items according to their purpose in the output, and then narrow down within that type things like revision status or categorical assignments.

  1. So firstly do what you’re accustomed to, type in “Revised” or whatever status you’re looking for, and then add a space and type in the second criteria—a unique word from the Section Type field, like “Chapter”. We now should have a fairly intuitive search string of “Revised Chapter”.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass menu and select “Status” as your first search term.
  3. Next located “Section Type” and click that with the Option key held down to add it to the areas in which Scrivener searches.
  4. You may already be set up at this point, but if you haven’t selected the “All Words” operator, do so.

The way this works is that it turns the status and section type value for each item into a singular phrase. So even though you are searching two completely different metadata fields, it’s almost as if from the perspective of the search tool, your item has one field with “Chapter Revised Draft” as its value. Thus searching for “chapter revised” with ALL words enabled hits the target—and avoids targets that have a combined phrase of “Subsection Revised Draft”.

Brilliant - worked like a charm! Thank you so much, Amber.