Advanced Target Settings?

I was watching a YouTube video by someone working on a Mac, and he had access to advanced project and session target settings. These allowed him to set his project word goal, a deadline date, and the days of the week he intended to write on, and Scrivener created daily session target goals that shifted and changed according to his activity toward his goal.

I looked through the forum discussing the differences between Windows and Mac, and I don’t see a reason I wouldn’t be able to access the same thing on my version. However, if it exists in the Windows version, I can’t find it. I am still in my trial period, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

Help? This would be a VERY helpful function for me, as I rarely get as much accomplished as when I have a tight deadline.

Thanks bunches, and thanks for providing such an awesome program! The learning curve is a bit daunting, but I know that once I get it down pat, there’s no chance I’m going back. :slight_smile:

The settings you’re describing aren’t currently available on Windows, so you need to do the arithmetic yourself if you’re trying to calculate your daily target based on an overall goal and deadline.

Also, the trial version isn’t different in any way from the paid version except for having the time limitation. Entering a licence code just removes that restriction. We want to be sure you get a chance to test drive the real thing when you’re making a decision about whether to purchase! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply!
I’m sorry to hear that isn’t an option yet - I was really excited to see it in action on the Mac side.

I hereby officially recommend that it be added to the Windows version asap!! (^_^)

I second this.

I just downloaded the free trial and am very pleased with it so far - minus the lack of the target options. I read in a couple places that this might be something being made available for Windows at the end of the year?

Any truth to that?


Ideal setting for keeping on track. Any updates, Santa?

Additional target options will be part of the next major version. It’s currently in development, but we do not have an ETA. Won’t be for this Christmas. :wink:

I’m dying for this feature as well! Is there an ETA yet? :slight_smile: