Advantage Of Character Folder?

Is there’s any advantage to using the Character Templates and the Character folder?

By this I mean can I add a character sub-folder under Research, and put in a simpler character ‘template’ of my own (just name, age, gender, occupation) and duplicate that for the characters I want to track?

Or is there some function I’ll be missing by not using the default folder and template provided?

TIA for your response :smiley:

As with most of the components in our templates, they just provide examples of how the software could be used. Some people might find that useful out of the box and just go on using it as-is, but I suspect most people take it as inspiration.

The folders and templates are just the same as any other folders and documents you can create on your own, so there’s nothing special about them–as Ioa said, they provide a suggestion for how you can organise your binder, but you can do whatever you like. The folders and documents can be renamed, moved, or deleted as you like.