Advice about setting up a markdown document

I’ve decided to record the changes I’ve made to Scrivener’s settings to help me with my GitHub pages “book”. So I wrote maybe 15 documents in Research, recording what I’ve done, with pictures of the Scrivener settings screens. Then I decided, why not put this in a separate document and publish it, as possible help to other people trying to do something similar.

So I exported my Project Style, discovered that I could drag the folder from my main book, into a new Scrivener project. Then, of course, my fonts and paragraph styles were not as I wished. I want everything to be Arial 13 with no indent. What I did was, first, change Scrivener’s Preference for the default. That was probably bad: advise me on that.

Then I opened the styles panel and removed all the styles, because I don’t use them, and Scrivener seems to randomly set things to No Style, or Normal, or something, and I wished it not to do that.

So my question is: if what I want is for everything I type in a new project to be, say, 13 point Arial on 1.2, never once reverting to indented Palatino or whatever Scrivener came with, what’s the “right”, simple procedure to accomplish that?


There’s nothing wrong with change the Preferences under Editing > Formatting - indeed, that’s the point of them, so that you can set up formatting how you want!

The other way is to do this via Project > Project Settings… > Formatting. There you can override the default formatting for a particular project.

Of course, changing these won’t affect existing text, but only text added or changed in the future. You can reset existing text to use the new defaults by going to Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting…

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Thanks, Boss. There are so many ways to do things, I try to find out what the good ones are. And trying to find the subset of the product that works for me.

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You might also want to create for yourself a custom “Blank” project template that has stuff like styles set up the way you prefer. This is done via the File ▸ Save as Template… command, and be sure to tick the box to store styles into the template. This by the way records the entire state of the project you save as a template from, so do it from a blank start, or a copy you’ve stripped all of the content out of.

If that’s all you want to do though, at the bottom of the Editing: Formatting preference pane is a Set Styles Defaults… button. Click that to overwrite the defaults for all new projects (except those created from a project template that have stored styles) you create. That’s not risky to do, if you click the button you’ll see you can revert to factory defaults if you ever change your mind. A project template will be of more use if there are multiple aspects of a new project you’d like to configure.

Meanwhile, there is a guide in the MMD board goes over some potentially useful setting adjustments for those working in plain-text.

Great, Amber, thanks! You’re a star!