Advice for sync, keyboard an iPhone


Been using Scrivener for Windows for some time on my notebook, and with Scrivener for iOS out, I am tempted in getting it for my iPhone but would like some advice.

since I bring my phone everywhere, I figure getting Scrivener for the iPhone will help me write more. However I can’t stand this iPhone keyboard so I’d have to get a bt keyboard. (Does it makes sense to write on this phone?). The main problem I envision is syncing with the git repo that I have.
I don’t use dropbox. Does anyone have any advice as to the syncing?

I have read the sticky note and would prefer using my git repo than DB(no offense to anyone).


You have to use Dropbox to sync with iOS devices. KB explained why in a post here:

That this may change in future is up to KB (and LAP & Tiho_D the Windows programmers) and is not ruled out, but that post explains the problem. As for GIT, I imagine that adds yet another dimension.


I love the tiny folding Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard with my phone. Not much bigger than the phone itself when folded.

I use the Perixx Periboard 805L II external keyboard with an iPhone 5s (when I don’t have my iPad Air 2 with me). I never would have thought working on something as small as a 5s would be feasible, but it really works well.

When I don’t have the external keyboard with me, I have had very productive Scrivener sessions on the 5s using the Swype keyboard in place of the standard iPhone keyboard. (The standard keyboard is just bad with Scrivener on the 5s.) … g+keyboard

Do you live in a country where you can’t use DropBox? If not, what is your aversion to it?

Yeah you need Dropbox. I went through a phase where I didn’t want to use it. Then I got over it.

I’ve been using an iPod Logitech keyboard setup. The experience is mediocre. I still prefer working on my desktop but for commutes it’s handy. Gives me something to do.