Advice Needed: Content Management


First of all I couldn’t find anywhere here to post this, not sure where it fits so I apologise and ask the Mods to move it if it is inappropriate :slight_smile:

So I am starting a new project, a collaboration with someone else, possibly others, on a book and what we need is a way of managing our files.

We could, of course, just use some kind of online storage (OneDrive or any other storage system should Microsoft ever decide to let them work with Win 10, their new baby) but I have been looking at installable web systems (I host via GoDaddy) … the trouble is I am finding it hard to see if they have any real advantage over a secure forum or even just a place where we can dump files. Also, it seems to me there should ideally be some form of check-in/check-out feature that will prevent others from overwriting a document.

Anyway, I thought I’d just ask whether anyone had any suggestions?



I’m in a similar position. I’ve just finished an exhausting collaboration writing a (long) book chapter - sending little Word files to and fro by email, and trying to keep them all organized at my end in a Scrivener project. Having written (single-authored) two (long) books in Scrivener I am very reluctant to move away from it, but I can’t figure out how to write collaboratively using Scrivener.

I know this is not a new topic, but I’m hoping to piggyback on this thread and learn the current situation/state of the art.

You’ve both probably seen this recent thread - but in case you haven’t… (It’s worth reading all the way through for different angles on long-distance collaboration…)

Have you thought about something like Git or other source code control system? Some of these systems can be set up to require check-ins/outs, and they have an advantage over OneDrive/*Box/etc. in that they understand the concept of a project being a collection of folders. A lot of the features they offer would be overkill, but a basic source control system should work well. I’m looking at using one to sync my content between my various machines.