Advice needed on storage / backup options

Is anyone here able to give me some advice on storage / backup options for a home network?

I’m currently using an MBP running Sierra (and Mrs P has a Windows 7 machine). I’ve got an external harddrive that plugs into the Mac as well.

I’m running out of room on the MBP and want to rethink how I do stuff. Ideally, I’d like a network drive that both the Mac and the PC can access wirelessly - but quickly, which would be backed up to a cloud based resilient solution. That’d leave the laptop drives relatively empty for active projects only (and I’ll use something like Dropbox to keep those backed up).

Any advice? Every time I look for advice online on this I get hopelessly confused! :confused:

I should say, I’ll need about a TB for my current data, so quite a bit more for future data growth.

I use a WD MyCloud. It has the ability to handle independent areas for different users/devices. I store things I don’t need daily access to on it and also has those files backed up to another external HD.

A NAS is basically pretty straightforward to set up for MacOS, and I would guess for Windows. Your problem is combining one for use with both OSes. And 4TB Drives are pretty cheap; you can get one from PC World or online easily.

I think you’d need to use NTFS as the format, and install something like Tuxera NTFS on your Macs so that they can access it.

However, be aware that if you have upgraded your Macs to 10.13, the biggest potential problem is that, unless Apple has made changes in 10.13.1, you cannot format an HD spinner using Disk Utility, or Tuxera! Drives bought from places like PC World or online need formatting for Macs. I got caught with that for two new external HDs; fortunately my wife’s MacBook Pro is running 10.11, and our iMac is still running 10.12! If you buy from Applle, they’re already formatted HFS+, but cost substantially more.

So, I’d suggest getting a 4TB NAS running NTFS, and get yourself some software that will allow your Macs to access it.




Mr X

NAS solutions are not “formate” on the system accessing the share. The NAS itself manages the low level format and the clients (macs, pc, etc) use AFS, SMB or NFS to access the NAS (all native on all OSX vs).

Anyone should be able to get a simple NAS to work with no issues for multiple OS out of the box. Western Digital has some really inexpensive devices in the MyBook Live line that even piggy would be able to figure out.

But I’d still recommend that folks learn a bit and leverage a real NAS that supports upgradable spindles, raid0/1/5 and provided at minimum 4 slots.

But then I’m not really one to listen to these days. More of a bean counter than pure beanie hatted techno nerd of late.

I would not trust Dropbox as my sole backup of important data.


DB is really only good for sharing, not backup. Folks using it for backup may find that backfired before too long.

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Regarding the subject under discussion, it’s worth reading this post on Macdrifter, which mentions NAS problems and backup solutions:

It’s usually worth reading Macdrifter :slight_smile:

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try Resilio sync
it works perfectly for me, I sync my desktop, laptop, and mobile files with it effectively

If a file is deleted on system A, does Resilio also delete it from all connected systems?

If so, Resilio is a synchronization solution, but not a reliable backup solution.


you can set up any option of those two
1-standard folder = If a file is deleted on system A, it still available on other systems
2- advanced folder = If a file is deleted on system A, Resilio also delete it from all connected systems

Even I was looking out for the best way to backup my Mac, Outlook is my prime Mail application.
I found this discussion for help: … ps.223959/, I think it will be better if I try out CCC for an overall system backup and Mail Backup X for Outlook mail Backup.

WD My Drive we access it anywhere we travel