Advice on Converting UK -> US Language

Hey all -

Based in New Zealand, we speak the Queen’s English - and my Mac system language is set as such. The problem is I want to spit out my Scrivenings in US English.

It doesn’t look like there’s a convenient way to do this - this thread suggests that it’s outside the bounds of the development environment Scrivener is written in:

That’s painful but I understand it, so I’m interested in advice on how I might go about converting my work from UK to US English. Temporarily change the system language and do a spellcheck? Search and replace on 1800 words? Etc. I’d welcome some insight here.

In case you’re wondering why I’m worried about this, my last book on Amazon got some (a tiny amount) feedback from US customers that the UK language was disruptive, and since the vast body of my readers are US-based, it makes sense to provide them the best format for them.

You really needn’t do anything fancy here, just pull up the Spelling & Grammar panel, and at the bottom you’ll find a language selection menu. The global system setting only defines the defaults, but this can always be used to override that for the current session.

You can change the spell-check dictionary without changing your system language. In your project, open Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar (Cmd-:slight_smile: and then select the language you want from the menu at the bottom, which is probably set to Automatic. It won’t persist after closing and reopening Scrivener, and it will affect the dictionary used in all your projects, but it’s simple to switch when needed.

You can also change the default dictionary language via the Keyboard system preferences (at least in 10.9, it’s under the “Text” tab there, but I remember this changed a bit from previous versions of the system prefs, so it may be elsewhere if you’re on an earlier OS). That of course affects the default used everywhere, so it’s probably not what you want just for editing a single project.

EDIT: I need to get faster on the draw.

This is why I love this software and these forums: that looks perfect, and I didn’t even know that was there :slight_smile: Now I can just spellcheck and be done. Thanks Amber :slight_smile:

Yeah - I still want my e.g. email spelling checks done in local region - the Spelling/Grammar pane is exactly what I need. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Non-American authors writing in the English language do, of course, spend good money to have their books “translated” into US English - which is of course not just a matter of spelling but also idiom, grammar and syntax. I’ve not yet gotten sight ( :confused: ) of a computer programme ( :confused: ) which can do all this, and it bugs ( :confused: ) me.

Y’ wanna think y’self luck, pal, that y’ don’t comyoonicake in Stockporteseian! :open_mouth:

Ah, that old chestnut :slight_smile: I have some small benefit here in that I grew up in the US, so I have some of their language hardwired into my skull (but I need to consciously think of it - is it an elevator, or a lift? Bar, or pub?).

Never fear, there are some tools now. Let me throw a couple at you:

Yes, my point was not that the spelling switch couldn’t be accomplished - it evidently can - but that the rest is more difficult.

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