Advice please Chinese and Scrivener for Windows

Long term Scrivener user on Mac here, working principally in Chinese and English.

I will shortly be working with a friend on a translation project. She is a Windows user, and when Scrivener first came out in beta, I tried to get her interested but didn’t press it. Now we will be working on this project together, I think the time has come to give her a present of a copy of Scrivener for Windows, to make collaboration easier. But of course she will be new to Scrivener; I’ll set up the project and guide her, but it’s going to be difficult to help with any interface questions she might have, since the only WinScriv stuff I’ve seen is screenshots on the forum. So would anyone using Chinese on the Windows version, kdombros or anyone, care to answer a question or two:

(1) I know that some time ago … right back at the beginning, probably … there seemed to be coding problems importing Word docs in Chinese. Have all such problems been resolved? That’s the most important question to begin with.
(2) Leave aside the question of things available on Mac but not yet on Windows, does anyone have any experience of using Chinese cross-platform, and is there anything we/(I) should be aware of in doing so?
(3) I presume that Snapshots, inspector comments, etc. are implemented … very important … but are there any cross-platform issues?

That’s all I can think of for the moment.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Mr X

Didn’t notice any problems working with Chinese so far. However I cannot remember if I tried to import a Word doc recently. You can send me a file and I can try it for you.

Thanks gab; I’ll PM you in due course.

Mr X

I’ve juast sent you a PM, gab, with a zipped up trial Scrivener project attached.

If anyone else sees this and can and has time to help, let me know.

Mr X

I wonder what the results have been for others using Chinese/English in Scrivener for Windows?

I use both languages for research, and am hoping to be able to use Scrivener to organize my research on a long-term basis. I’ve been mostly happy, but have run into a few problems.

Recently, I wanted to import a large number of docx files in Chinese. I just checked and they’re in MS Mincho font, though I don’t know why really, as they were copied from Chinese databases. When I tried to import them, repeated error messages came up–“No user error” and something else (sorry, this was a couple of weeks ago). Empty text files with the correct names were created.

I decided to simply copy and paste the contents from each file into the relevant files. For most of these, this seems to have been fine. However, for the longest file (70k characters), characters are doubled at random points–quite problematic for reading un-punctuated Classical Chinese! The original file was unaffected, so I decided to change the font to Songti in the original file and try copying by Ctrl+C again. This time there do not seem to be duplicated characters (the character count went down correspondingly).

Hopefully this is useful. Sorry I can’t provide more details.

Thanks for contributing to this thread. I have been in touch privately with the team over my issue, which is collaborating between the Mac and Windows specifically with Chinese. The problem of repeated characters on importing from Word in Windows has already been noted. I hope that Jennifer (Mimetic Mouton) will read this thread again and get in touch with you, as I think your evidence will be very helpful, and the more data of different types — classical vs modern Chinese; traditional vs simplified characters; doc, docx and rtf import on Windows and Mac with imported files created on both WinWord and MacWord, Chinese localised systems vs English localised systems, etc. — the better.

As for MS Mincho, presumably that is the default Chinese font on your Windows system, much as Hiragino Mincho seems to be the default system on Apple. Reading the various threads here, there have been a number of references to imports on Windows being converted unwantedly to Shell-DIG — or some such name — so presumably this is a related issue.

As a long term Scrivener user, I would say, go ahead to use it to organise your research. However, there may well be issues like these when you bring 2-byte CJK languages into the equation, but only you can decide whether they make Scrivener unusable for you. I think — I certainly hope — that with our help, the team can iron out these glitches, but also am aware that it won’t be done overnight.

Good luck. :slight_smile: