Advise please: Endnote, Sente or Bookends?

Hi to all –

I need some reviews/advise on bibliographic databases, please. From the ones mentioned in the subject line (or any other) which one is the best? Why?

I’m an archaeologist and I basically use archaeology, anthropology and natural sciences references. Currently Word is my text editor (after writing in Scrivener, of course ), but I’m considering buying Mellel. I also use Web of Science as my main search for references place. Unfortunately, I think that only Endnote alows us to do this search directly. Am I wrong?

– MJ

check this page:

I’m using Sente and it works well, but it’s a program for medicine. I really don’t like using parenthicals for references. I like the good old footnotes as we use in humanities. Bookends can do it.


Bookends. I’m in the humanities and I find it to be much more flexible, powerful and more customizable. Endnote is cumbersome and rather glitchy in my opinion. Sente too limited. Just my two cents.

I am using Bookends for APA formatted papers.

I access a wide variety of databases for research.

version 9.2 is in beta testing. It has a few nice additions and Jon (at sonny software) provides EXCELLENT support.

Yes, thanks bluloo, forgot to mention about Jon. He’s one of those really excellent, responsive developers, kind of like…what’s his name? You know that Scr. guy. 8)

I admit that I am using Sente and Endnote but I am also following Bookends. The Sente developers are certainly much closer to the responsiveness of Bookends Jon than either is to the glacial speed of endnote’s support.
I like the very slick and intuitive interface that Sente has along with the excellent search capabilitites. Sente imports Web of Science file formats but regretably does not search that database as it searches Pubmed.
For the next version Sente is moving towards plain text placeholder citations AND a monolithic database both of which arevery good news.
Check it out, if your format requirements are inside of what Sente can do it is worth it. Endnote has its issues although its parser is still tops (no wonder considering that the makers have access to first hand information about ISI catabases while the independent devs have to reverse engineer it).


Thanks to you all. I’ll be checking all of them more carefully. The main problem I have with Bookends is its uncool look.

In any case, what I would really like is that Bookends or Sente would search Web of Science directly.

– MJ

No luck with WoS I am afraid.
Do you have access to JSTOR? Just like WoS it has a large coverage of non-Pubmed journals and is searchable from within Sente. Plus the GUI is very nice.
Do check whether it does what you want and need though as with all other programs, the looks ain’t everything as they say.

Third Street Software has just released a beta version of the next release of Sente and it includes the ability to search WoS directly. You can see the announcement (including the link to the beta) in the News forum at

Thanks for pointing this out, alephnull. I had finally decided for Sente since I like the look of it and is more intuitive for me. This is great news. :slight_smile:

– MJ