Aeon Timeline 2.0 Public beta out

If you’re on the right email list, you know that the public beta of Aeon Timeline 2 has just been released. If not, the details are here:

[size=80][Link removed by moderator per developer wishes.][/size]

Scroll down for the text.

As the developer himself notes, use this beta with care. Don’t depend on it for work that has a tight deadline.

–Mike Perry

But as the developer also said:
“As this beta is intended solely for pre-order customers, we would ask you not to share links to the betas or to this page with a wider audience. That will help us control the release of our software to a progressively wider audience as it becomes more stable.”

Ooops, I failed to read that. My bad.

On the other hand, this beta, like most, is probably time-limited. I’ll die sometime in January anyway. Those who try and like will have to buy.

I do hope not …